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Article: Andy Lee: "Emanuel Steward would want me to win a world title"

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Article: Andy Lee: "Emanuel Steward would want me to be fighting and go on to win a world title"

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Good interview, very honest assessments of himself by Lee here to, which is rare for a lot of boxers. Admitting that he just wasn't good enough against Chavez, and that he's way off Golovkin's and Martinez's level right now is refreshing. Top guy is Andy by all accounts aswell, never hear him bragging or boasting, and never hear him bad mouth mouthing opponents.

Hope he has success on is return to Europe, because there's a lot of big fights here for him and a lot of opportunities to bring him up the ladder to a world title fight.
Agreed, he's a sound lad. With a wonderful accent also. I met him the night he fought Sipos on the Dunne-Cordoba undercard and I very much struggled to prevent myself from telling him that. Probably would've seemed a bit creepy I thought.

I think his ceiling is probably at around fringe world level to be honest but he'll definitely make for some good fights. Assuming he can get some, that is. Hopefully he can get things running smoothly as his career has been pretty stop-start so far. Fitzgerald is a good fight for him to get back on track with, ideally he'll put in a good performance and really build on it. Wouldn't mind him in against the likes of HNDNJ or Lemieux or someone along those lines. A Maciel fight could be cool but that's unrealistic I suppose.

Haps Bidet by the way, @Jenna.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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