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Article: Bad Boy Olympian Damien "Super" Hooper turns pro

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Article: Olympian Damien "Super" Hooper turns pro

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like this guy, will be keeping an eye on him, fancy him to do well
Looks very likely he's on the Hatton HK cards, looking forward to seeing him fight. He's creating a lot of buzz in Oz. Hatton's building a strong stable out here now: Hooper and Hammond are Oz's top prospects, Browne is the up and coming heavyweight and Rex Tso is the local star. :good
really good to hear, keep us posted if you go to any more and get any more news locally :good

i really think this hooper is the truth :deal him vs ward in a few years for the undisputed light heavyweight championship you head it here first
It's good that he's signed with Hatton instead of one of those dreadful aussie promoters. Looks a decent fighter, I hope the posters saying he's a future undisputed champion are taking the piss, that's Andre Wards territory over the next decade and this guy is no Andre Ward
Who knows i thought he looked very good as an am, very natural fluid fighter, I wouldn't be surprised if he did very well as a pro
Really like Hooper, thought he was class as an am, would have liked him to have a stab at gold in Rio but he''ll make a good pro
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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