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Article: Bad Boy Olympian Damien "Super" Hooper turns pro

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Article: Olympian Damien "Super" Hooper turns pro

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Looks very likely he's on the Hatton HK cards, looking forward to seeing him fight. He's creating a lot of buzz in Oz. Hatton's building a strong stable out here now: Hooper and Hammond are Oz's top prospects, Browne is the up and coming heavyweight and Rex Tso is the local star. :good
Yeah I saw this doesn't sound good but there are two sides I suppose
Yeah April 20th in Brisbane. Looks like the Hong Kong cards won't continue as I thought/was told.

He has three Aussie's and to be frank, they're all better than Rex Tso so it makes sense to put on shows in Oz. The Macau opportunity has also been blocked for them. Fuckin' Bob
Ah @Spider good to see you here! :good

Hooper will probably be on the Browne-Towers card in July as well. There aren't that many LHW/SMWs in Oz and in truth he'll blitz through them quite quickly (although I wouldn't put him in with Wood just yet). Hopefully Ricky will bring over a Brit to bulk up an 'Ashes' card.
You think he looks small? Maybe in terms of height but he doesn't look like he can get more weight off to me. Looks a little gaunt in the face if anything!
That's why i said I dont know where he keeps his weight.
I know what you mean (was talking to thew guy above). I really think it'd be good for him to come to the UK for a stint, more varied opponents, better sparring and it'd help set up the Joe Ward rivalry (if he has turned pro)
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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