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Article: Bad Boy Olympian Damien "Super" Hooper turns pro

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Article: Olympian Damien "Super" Hooper turns pro

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Hey guys, most of you would've known me as dawsosj on eastside! good to see a lot of familiar names over here, hopefully TC dickface doesn't sniff this place out, im still yet to see footage of hooper as a proffessional, he seems to have all the tools but his attitude is a massive worry, i have fears that he is a bit of a mental midget and as soon as the going gets tough he will crumble, i really hope that i am wrong though!
Gareth Williams does have the unenviable task of being trainer and minder. Fingers crossed.
good to see a young aboriginal fighter with talent... hopefully he keeps his nose clean and doesnt turn into Mundine
Is Hooper going to stay at LHW?
He looks a bit smallish for the weight?
Good point. He's 5'11 and not very solid. I don't know where he keeps the weight but his debut was at LHW. At 21 theres plenty of time to fill out but his style is very technical and cardio based coming from AIBA.
You think he looks small? Maybe in terms of height but he doesn't look like he can get more weight off to me. Looks a little gaunt in the face if anything!
I think he looks very lean in his fight videos. does not seem big enough to bang in the LHW with the big boys yet.

That's why i said I dont know where he keeps his weight.
That's why i said I dont know where he keeps his weight.
I know what you mean (was talking to thew guy above). I really think it'd be good for him to come to the UK for a stint, more varied opponents, better sparring and it'd help set up the Joe Ward rivalry (if he has turned pro)
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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