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Article: Bute Decisions Grachev To Set Up Froch Rematch

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ye it seems like it would be a bit of a waste of time, might make froch some decent £ though? but if i was froch id fight kessler, then an up-and-comer type, then have another crack at ward (i personally think he'd do better in all honesty, he'll make it closer than last time at least) then bow out
I think Ward beats him handily again but Kessler woudl be a great fight. Kessler won clearly in the last fight imo, the rematch would be great but it'd have to be at a higher weight?
This Bute hype needs to go. He just isn't that good. Overhyped and overprotected. How boxrec and boxing monthly previously had him as world number 1 I'll never understand. Seriously, what has he ever done?

I'll be disappointed if Froch is forced to go over to Canada to destroy him once again.
Butes a good fighter on his terms. The KO of Magee was stunning and his win over Johnson was comprehensive whereas Carl struggled to get the job done and ate those right hands for fun.
Butes not a champion and as said it's a joke for boxrec to have rated him as no.1 when Froch, Kessler and Ward were knocking lumps out of one another. For my money all 3 batter Bute. Bute should fight Dirrell, it's an intriguing match up imo.

Froch is obligated to rematch, if Bute is stupid enough to request it then I'll enjoy watching Froch slaughter him on the road. If he does then Bute has to change something. The comment about Froch destroying him is true as far as I'm concerned. If a fighter gets beat in 30 seconds and was caught cold fair enough you can put it down to a mistake but Froch walked through his punches (althought he was rocked) and spanked him at close quarters. I don't know how Bute can learn from that because it's his inside game and defense at fault, in a few fights you cannot change that and he's too long in the tooth to really develop now. I think we've seen the best of him and Froch took his soul.
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I don't think so. Kessler was actually talking about going down to Middleweight not long ago... :yikes
Short of cutting off a foot I dont know how that'd happen. Maybe get him on smack?

This is the same fellow that stripped naked to weigh in against Calzaghe and has stuggled with weight since. He only fought Allen 'only in love with the' Green at 170-172 the other day for a WBC Bauble.

Kessler v Pascal is a fight I wanna see. Froch fighting the winner?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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