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UK Anti-Doping has confirmed that professional boxer Dillian Whyte has been suspended from all competition for two years following an anti-doping rule violation.

Mr Whyte tested positive for methylhexaneamine (MHA) following an in-competition test on 13 October 2012 and was provisionally suspended from all competition from 5 November 2012. An independent National Anti-Doping Panel found that this case warranted a two-year ban. Mr Whyte appealed, and the appeal panel confirmed the two-year ban.

In its first instance decision, the National Anti-Doping Panel found that Mr Whyte failed to seek professional or medical advice before using the supplement Jack3D, which he had bought over the counter from a nutritional supplement shop. Consequently they stated that he had "failed to discharge the burden of establishing that he was not significantly at fault" and therefore could not reduce his sanction from two years. The appeal panel agreed with this decision, stressing that the case emphasises "the dangers of athletes taking supplements which contain MHA".

UK Anti-Doping Director of Communications and Education Nicola Newman said: "In August 2012, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ruled that products containing methylhexaneamine needed to be removed from the UK market. The fact that Mr Whyte purchased a product containing this ingredient after that date should remind all athletes that they need to be vigilant when considering supplementing their diet.

"The appeal panel highlights the need for athletes to make appropriate checks before using supplements, including consulting the website"

Mr Whyte is banned from all competition from 13 October 2012 to 12 October 2014. The result from his bout on 13 October 2012 is also disqualified. The full written decision and appeal decision can be found on the UK Anti-Doping website at

Notes to Editors:

Methylhexaneamine (MHA)
Methylhexaneamine is banned in competition under category S.6b, Specified Stimulants. MHA is frequently found in nutritional supplements which claim it can promote mental and physical performance, and aid weight loss. Methylhexaneamine can be listed in ingredients under a variety of names including 1,3-dimethylamylamine or DMAA, and a variety of geranium derivatives.

In August 2012, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) ruled that products containing methylhexaneamine needed to be removed from the UK market amid concerns of potential risks to public safety. For the full story click here.

For UK Anti-Doping's advice to athletes on supplements visit:

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It's a bit shit considering this pre-workout got banned 6 weeks before he took it. He could've bought it before the ban and just kept using it with out realising it was illegal.

Also how hard can it be for the board to draw up their list of banned shit and cc it to every licensed boxer in britain.

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Looks harsh, though a quick read through the decision shows that it makes sense under current rules: he took Jack3d on the day of the fight, which means he was on a banned stimulant in the actual fight, Enzo Macc took another MHA containing product well before the fight, so that the MHA would have provided no benefit during the fight itself. Two years is the standard tariff for a doping violation, the ban can be shortened if the athlete didn't take the MHA in-competition to improve performance. Whyte did take it right before the fight to improve his performance, Enzo Macc didn't, so there's the difference.

Whyte was completely unaware that he was using a banned substance though, he even showed his tub of Jack3d to the official doing the doping test! He trusted the people around him, and they didn't know there was a problem either. I feel sorry for the guy.

This whole thing just reinforces my belief that current testing in boxing is very good at catching people making honest mistakes, and utterly useless at catching people knowingly using banned PEDs. Making sure you don't test positive at a post fight test isn't exactly hard when you know what you're taking after all. But when you don't even know you're breaking the rules, well...

Btw, the fact that Jack3d was only recently banned for sale in the UK has nothing to do with the case as MHA has been a banned substance in sports for a long time.
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