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Article: Emanuel Steward dies at 68

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RIP to another legend of the game this year. One of the best trainers of all time, up their with the very best in the history of boxing, and a good guy outside of boxing. He'll be missed by the fans and the countless fighters he has trained im sure.

Still shocked hearing about his death though, as I never even knew he was ill. A great loss for the sport.
I'd heard he was ill but it was like a side story on an article about Wlad. It was kept very quiet but then it seems he was a guy like that, wouldn't want to make a fuss.

Reminds me of Hearns after the Hagler fight. Never told anyone he'd badly broken his hand and it didn't come out until a couple of weeks later. Cut from the same cloth.
No doubt Steward would have wanted to be professional about it and keep things quite. This might not be the thread to discuss this, but I wonder who will take over Wlad's camp now, and what all the other guys that Steward train's will do. I hear his nephew was involved with the training of the likes of Lee and Wladimir, so maybe he'll have a bigger part to play now?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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