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Article: Flintoff Survives Knockdown To Win Boxing Debut

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My opinion on it largely depends on what he does now. If he wants to give boxing a proper crack like he says, then fair play. If it was a one-off novelty fight, then it has been a bit of a mockery I agree.

I'm all for him getting in the ring again though. He's obviously not great but he's better than some journeyman I've seen British prospects put in with at the start of their careers. At least he throws punches, tries to get behind his jab, tries to establish his range a bit, throws punches etc. If he gets back in the gym for another few months and continues working hard and irons out his flaws, I'd like to see how he'd do again without the whole occasion. Now that his debut is out of the way, he can maybe settle down a bit more and box on smaller shows at smaller venues and try and be a bit under the radar.

So yeah, I'd like to see him in the ring again if he wants to do it. Preferably against an opponent we can measure against, like a common journeyman opponent of Dilian Whyte or Cornish or Dorian Darch just to get some sort of better measure. He should at least make a crack for an area title or something. If he bails after one fight I agree that it's just been a publicity stunt to an extent and made a bit of a mockery of the sport.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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