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Article: Fury plans American debut for St Patrick's Day

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Wouldn't like to see Briggs. Doesn't offer a lot other than another common opponent with Vitali, and I'd rather not see him back in the ring at all. Banks would be good, brings similar traits to the table as Johnosn did in that he's smart, crafty, defensively savvy, and looks to capatilise on his opponents mistakes. Arguably better than Johnson IMO though in most of those areas and would be a bit more of a danger, but he's a small heavy, not particularly active with his punch output and Fury should have enough to beat him similar to how he did Johnson, although he might be made to look a bit worse.

Adamek would be really good too. A big name, another common opponent with Vitali, and I really don't rate him at HW. He's got the all-round ability but he lacks the intangibles to be a force against huge HW's like Fury and I think he'd be capable of stopping him, and it would look like a terrific win on his record.

Arreola is a bit more risky given he's got super-heavy size, power, and whilst he's also been shown up at the top level, he looks more capable of getting back there than the likes of Johnson have. Would put him firmly in position to fight Vitali though if he beats the American.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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