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Article: Lucas Matthysse: Potential fights for 'The Machine'

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Dubbed 'The Machine', Argentina's Lucas Matthysse sent out a statement of intent last night with a three round destruction of the usually durable IBF world titlist Lamont Peterson. After a cagey fist round whereby Peterson opted to box from range, Matthysse closed the gap in the second and dropped Peterson with a right to the body followed by a glancing left hook.

Peterson saw out the round but again found himself on the canvas in the third after a beautiful short left hook landed directly on his chin and had him struggling to rise. After being felled again seconds later, again from a glancing left hook referee Steve Smoger stepped inside to end the carnage and a new star was born.

The result has Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Shaefer excitingly labeling the Argentinian 'the new Manny Pacquaio' as his 140lb rivals Danny Garcia and Amir Khan watched on from ringside.

With an unofficial tournament by GBP supposedly resulting in a Matthysse v Garcia fight in September, fight fans are salivating from the lips as to numerous potential fights 'The Machine' could be involved in in the near future.
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Garcia looked shook last night. Matthysse does a job on him in 6 rounds.
exactly what i thought lol he had the 'oh schitt ive gotta fight this dude' face haha

amir khan would stand a chance the second he tried to trade...

i think high profile fights against the likes of garcia and khan and them to raise profile first, then hopefully he comes thru them and fights mayweather... out of all the fighters in and around the division i think he gives mayweather the most trouble and posses the danger of ko'in him... he can box, but come forward fighters give mayweather the most trouble...

but then mayweather wants to fight in the uk (presumably with a british fighter) so would he want khan to pick up another loss before he fought him??? so he may want to fight him before matthysse gets to him...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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