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Article: Matt Skelton takes on John McDermott for the vacant English Heavyweight Title

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Nice one Dan. I made a slight change by swapping the order of the pics around just so it fits a bit better in the content slider thing on the front page. Hope that's cool.

I'm actually looking forward to this fight. I'm with you in thinking it could be a fun fight. There could be quite a few opportunities for the winner so it's a big fight in terms of what's at stake in both their careers.

I like your quick breakdown of the domestic heavyweight scene as well. The division's not great but there's plenty of interesting matchups there.

It's still gonna be an #Audley2013 though.

When John McDermott weighs in at 18 stone 4 lbs, you can hear Frank Maloney say "is that light?" :lol:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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