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Article: Matthew Macklin issues May day call to Andy Lee

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I was hoping that Andy would come out of the loss of Steward with a set trainer over the course of a few gimme fights. I don't like this for him at all. I mean, it's a good middleweight fight to make, but it's not a good one for him, I don't think. Macklin can apply any style he wants here and probably undo Lee, I hate to say. Lee's good, has some nice moves, can look very good against the right guys, but he's just not on Macklin's level, I don't think. I like them both, if we got a surprise I'd be just as happy for Lee, probably even happier for him, but I'm trying to picture him winning and I think without one of those Canelo/Baldo type punches, I don't see him pulling it off. It's Macklin's to lose, I'd say.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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