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Article: Olympic Boxing: First Round Draw:

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They are just pictures I deleted. I was going to put a picture of the favourite about each weight class to spruce it up a bit but you can only put five attachments in an article so i thought it would look better with none. Dunno why it has them listed still.

Its in order aswell so if you look at each weight like a tournament ladder you can work out who could potentially fight each other down the line.
Updated with todays results and 2nd round draws for those that have qualified
quarter draws now updated
The exciting prospects:

Joshua Vs Zhang: very hard draw for Josh, a massive, experienced southpaw with power.
Selby Vs Ramirez: was looking to be a great final. Selby much higher ranked but the Cuban has arrived at this tournament.
Barnes Vs Singh: Barnes is a hard worker, Singh awkward, offensive and a hard hitter. Te Indian will end Barnes' hopes of two medals IMO. Singh Vs the Thai or Shiming should be solid semi-finals, he might just have the odd angles to bypass Shiming's radar and fast feet.

The one dust up I am dreaming of is Lomachenko Vs Petrauskas!!!
Yeah some good bouts coming up. I think Lomachenko would be too savy for Petrauskas but with his workrate and unorthadox style you never know whats going to happen.

I really liked the Cuban Veitia so I was pretty impressed with how Shiming handled him but both light-fly and fly are very tough divisions.

I got a six gold accumulator on the boxing: Shiming, Selby, Marshall, Usyk, La Cruz and Lomachenko. I most worried about Selby though, the Cuban has been excellent and Selby didn't look great in his opener, the bout may have come to soon for him. Even if not he will probably then have to go through Conlon and Aloyan which is a very tough draw.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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