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Article: Olympic Flashback: Papp's Hat Trick

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Great article @Flea Man. Not many can boast a record like Papps. Its a shame he never got his chance to fight for a world title even if he may have lost the fight. I wonder how good a pro he would have been if he was from another country and had turned after his first or second Olympic success.
I agree, I wouldn't have fancied him against Tiger, especially at that point in his career but he had earned the right right to have a go so shame he wasn't allowed to continue. He would have made a fine competitor early in his career though, even if he didn't win a title he would have been in some fine fights
I can't wit for the changes to take hold, I think it will benefit both sports in the long run as the amateurs will be more exciting and the general fans will be able to follow it easier and the pro style will massively benefit the boxers when they turn over. Just watching some of the long time amateurs in the pro game shows you how detrimental the style is and they really seem to struggle with certain types of fighting.
Yeah he has had less than 30 fights and hasn't been boxing very long so a bit longer wouldn't hurt him but if he does well he is going to have promoters all over Britian throwing big bucks at him so i could understand if he did turnover.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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