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Article: Olympic Flashback: Papp's Hat Trick

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Great article @Flea Man. Not many can boast a record like Papps. Its a shame he never got his chance to fight for a world title even if he may have lost the fight. I wonder how good a pro he would have been if he was from another country and had turned after his first or second Olympic success.
Imagine Papp Vs Robbo', Mims, Bobo, Benton, Lausse, Fullmer. I think his aggressiveness would cost him against the bigger, stronger punchers though. I think if he had replaced Fullmer and fought Tiger for the championship he would've got battered, no one fights Dick Tiger and wins and his foot speed and reflexes had dwindled at that point so I cant see him staying out of harm's way if he tries to change tactic. I don't believe boxing was robbed of a pound for pound superstar/all-time great and in THAT middleweight era I'm not so sure he'd have won a World title anyway many great fighters didn't. Fullmer would probably have been too strong, rugged and awkward, although if Papp had turned pro' earlier he may well have hand the hand and footspeed to outdo the wild Fullmer.
@chatty Damn straight. He was so exciting, hopefully the rule changes post-London will help rectify the situation amateur boxing is in and see more fights like those Papp was involved in, the difference between the two sports is night and day!
Definitely. These games will be interesting though. I kinda' hope Anthony Joshua stays on afterwards. It'll serve him better when he does turn pro'.
Means a lot coming from you @ScouseLeader thanks mate.
@lufcrazy From a fellow budding historian means a lot :good
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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