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Article: The Rise of the Little Big Men

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Nervously awaiting @Pabby's criticism
Stellar work, mah'dude, this has been like a year in the making hasn't it?:lol:

Ideally I'd rather Viloria-Mthalane to be made even though it seems as though it's pretty unlikely. Then again the South African has been travelling a bit more lately(Nunez in Panama, Sarritzu in Italy) so fingers-crossed it doesn't take another Donaire-esque opportunity to get him to the States and that he'll clash with Viloria.

I'm a big Gonzalez fan but I'd rather he fought someone that's relatively highly-ranked at the weight before jumping straight in with a Viloria. Wouldn't mind an Edgar Sosa bout, and imagine how mental a Concepcion fight would be(for as long as it lasted). I know the idea behind him fighting as chief-support to Marquez-Viloria was that he'd face the victor, which is something I'm still delighted to see by the way, but I'd still like to see Mthalane get involved sometime soon.
:lol: yeah I was originally going to write one months back but it sort of fizzled out.

You know what, I was thinking about Gonzales - Concepcion last night. Would be utterly insane! And I'd agree with you, I'd want him in there with someone else before Viloria. How about Gonzalez vs Segura. Damn that'll be fun as hell!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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