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Arum: JMM/Pac V will happen

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No real surprises, unless either of them retire it seems inevitable.
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JMM doesn't need it, but it'd be difficult to turn down the money it would mean to him, he widely out pointed Pac in the third and brutally KO'd him in the fourth, so it's not like he's got anything left to prove. If I was JMM I would be looking for a Mayweather rematch, but as a fan I'd not like to see it.
I dont think JMM can fight hard for 12 rounds like he used to, he'd need to KO Pac again by the 8th - 9th round. I'd like to see him retire. A Mayweather fight is pointless IMO
Aye, a Mayweather fight is pointless, but the money it would generate for Marquez would be immense. That's why I said as a fan I wouldn't like to see it but if I was in Marquez's loafers I'd be all over it.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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