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As It Happened: Kessler vs Magee, Barker vs Hope, DeGale vs Zuniga (+ more) Updates & Discussion

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Please use spoiler tags for any fights that may have happened but haven't yet been televised. Thanks.

Tonight's Schedule

Sky Sports
from 8 pm: Kal Yafai vs Jorge Perez
est 8:30 pm: John Ryder vs Eamonn O'Kane
est 9:30 pm: Darren Barker vs Kerry Hope
Also could show: Erick Ochieng vs Max Maxwell and/or Carson Jones vs Dean Byrne between fights.
est 10:45 pm: Mikkel Kessler vs Brian Magee

Channel 5
from 10 pm: James DeGale vs Fulgencio Zuniga
Also showing: Kid Galahad vs Ivan Ruiz Morote and Chris Eubank Jr vs Olegs Fedotovs

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Woo hoo
Carl Froch says he's spoken to Mikkel Kessler ahead of this fight and apparently he still seems keen on coming over the England next summer. Here's hoping.
Yeah that will be amazing

I didn't know they were mates, haha that's quality
Sweet, all settled in with a pile of beers looking forward to this (after X Factor of course)

Hypothetically, should I have a host of different,... tv's to watch the Sky boxing on.. which ... tv .. might someone say was best to watch it on..
This is probably the most swagged out post ever and makes me want to leave my socialist world and just become a king who robs tv's and oil off people and lounges round all day drinking beer and getting my dick sucked by other people's wives watching X factor and boxing and eastenders
Have I got you on Facebook or something? You're practica;;y quoting my status plans for the evening
I am you

Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo

(Twilight zone)
These body shots are carnage

How come you're posting in here tonight, I never see you posting in RbR's. :think
I like Barker don't I, plus I've only really posted in the lounge for ages. About time I got in boxing mode seen as though this is a boxing site, makes sense.

Did you read my article mate?

Not read your article, I'll take a look tomorrow (or is it a preview of one of tonights fights?)

Your 'Powerful Generations and Generating Power' article is my favourite one posted on this site. :choi
Aww nice one mate x

Yeah it's a preview to the Darren barker fight. Eddie Hearn retweeted it! Match room boxing too!

This action has been sweet so far
Christmas? I'm wearing mine now. I can feel my core strength increasing everytime I lean forward to pick up my Stella.
Hope bringing it to Barker here
Barkers hands are mad low
It's all barker now

Gulf in class unfortunately
Dedicated it to his brother. Legend.
Seriosuly though, am I the only one who can't see the Barker-Sergio comparison?

They don't fight like each other
And his mum.. "cuz she's a legend." :lol:

Barker's class. Hopefully 2013 will be massive for him. He deserves it.
Yeah I hope so
:lol: relying on Teeto
Great argument ******

WAR @Bryn
Remember about a year ago on ESB when me and scottrf made the ESB anthem and I said WAR Bryn in it hahaha

Not assed lads, this is a classic. Me and Scott had mad chemistry
@Bryn @nufc_jay @Lunny @Bajingo @Pabby @Hook! @Chacal
I still miss Scott and Junito Jab :-(
Same here.
:lol: I felt so victorious like when Tommy lost his V @Danny
Hahah class

I wrote both verses btw

I remember we made it at about ten o clock on like a Saturday night and then I went out with my mate and got smashed and then when I woke up the next day I literally laid in bed all day til the night hungover just listening to that song over and over laughing my head off
1 - 20 of 393 Posts
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