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As It Happened: Kessler vs Magee, Barker vs Hope, DeGale vs Zuniga (+ more) Updates & Discussion

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Please use spoiler tags for any fights that may have happened but haven't yet been televised. Thanks.

Tonight's Schedule

Sky Sports
from 8 pm: Kal Yafai vs Jorge Perez
est 8:30 pm: John Ryder vs Eamonn O'Kane
est 9:30 pm: Darren Barker vs Kerry Hope
Also could show: Erick Ochieng vs Max Maxwell and/or Carson Jones vs Dean Byrne between fights.
est 10:45 pm: Mikkel Kessler vs Brian Magee

Channel 5
from 10 pm: James DeGale vs Fulgencio Zuniga
Also showing: Kid Galahad vs Ivan Ruiz Morote and Chris Eubank Jr vs Olegs Fedotovs

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Sky Sports just starting up now :bbb
Carl Froch says he's spoken to Mikkel Kessler ahead of this fight and apparently he still seems keen on coming over the England next summer. Here's hoping.
Round 1: Yafai boxing well early on. Mixing up attacks to head and body, while keeping a high-guard. He looks the quicker of the two as he chases down Perez who gets on his bike trying to circle Yafai. Yafai lands a few vicious left hooks to the body in the final seconds of the round to floor the Spaniard. 10-8 Yafai.
Round 2: Yafai starts the 2nd round strong, hurting his opponent once more to the body. Perez tucks up well and bravely fights on while trying to throw back. Yafai keeping his hands high and blocks most of Perez's attacks while coming back with the sharper, quicker shots. Perez closes the round by working his opponent's body himself but it's not enough to earn him the round. 10-9 (20-17) Yafai.
Round 3: More of the same in the 3rd as Perez once again shows his toughness. Yafai starts to land some heavy shots half way through the round which rock back the head of Perez. He's all over the place and referee Mark Green rightly stops the fight. Yafai wins via 3rd round TKO.
Kal Yafai says he's not too impressed with his performance tonight. Feels he needs to improve his defence a little bit but he's planning to take on some of the top bantamweights next year. "I'm only a novice with 6 fights. It'll come."

Eddie Hearn says he's going to top a Prizefighter bill in Birmingham on January 19, the same night as Kell Brook's clash with Devon Alexander.
Up next is the exciting clash between unbeaten middleweights John Ryder (12-0, 7 KOs) and Eamonn O'Kane (8-0, 3 KOs).
whats all the TV comments about, I'm not understanding?

Oh you mean nuff's post..
Ryder and O'Kane now in the ring. 10 rounds Eliminator for the British title. Should be a cracker this one :bbb
Round 1: Ryder boxing the cuter early on, using his southpaw stance and quick jab to land the better shots early on while O'Kane comes in swinging. Ryder using the right hook and left uppercut inside to catch the less-experienced O'Kane. Ryder able to slip most of O'Kane's shots although he gets caught with the left hook as he holds his own left hand very low at times. 10-9 Ryder.
Round 2: O'Kane again comes out throwing powerful hooks but Ryder's able to smother most of his attacks on the inside, while countering and leaning in with his right shoulder. Ryder using angles much better than O'Kane who's standing very square on at times. O'Kane missing wildly with most of his punches while getting outhustled inside. 10-9 (20-18) Ryder.
Round 3: O'Kane comes out aggressive trying to apply pressure to Ryder but the Islington man is able to slip most shots and return with the superior work. O'Kane's busy but is missing with the vast majority of his punches. Ryder catches him clean several times and wins another round. 30-27 Ryder.
@Wallet yeah it's been very scrappy.
Round 4: Ryder once again boxing the much better fight and largely making his opponent miss. O'Kane attempts to wrestle inside but isn't getting the better there either. Another clear round for John Ryder. 40-36.
Round 5: Eamonn O'Kane breathing heavily with his mouth open to start the 5th. He's no longer trying to fight inside but still isn't able to land much effectively. Ryder controls the distance well and uses better footwork to jump in and out of distance while landing good uppercuts inside. Another Ryder round. 50-45.
Spencer Oliver ringside says Eamonn O'Kane needs to straighten up his attacks rather than coming in wildly with hooks. Would be good advice but it seems unlikely he'll turn this around now.
Round 6: Once again Ryder is boxing the much better. He's landing the better shots by far, has a much better defence and is in full control. 60-54 Ryder.
Round 7: O'Kane trying to set up his attacks more with jabs now but he's still telegraphing his shots too much and Ryder is able to read and slip most attacks. O'Kane is outworking Ryder and lands more than in previous rounds. Better round for O'Kane as Ryder doesn't throw much in the 3 minutes. 69-64 Ryder.
1 - 20 of 393 Posts
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