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As It Happened: Kessler vs Magee, Barker vs Hope, DeGale vs Zuniga (+ more) Updates & Discussion

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Please use spoiler tags for any fights that may have happened but haven't yet been televised. Thanks.

Tonight's Schedule

Sky Sports
from 8 pm: Kal Yafai vs Jorge Perez
est 8:30 pm: John Ryder vs Eamonn O'Kane
est 9:30 pm: Darren Barker vs Kerry Hope
Also could show: Erick Ochieng vs Max Maxwell and/or Carson Jones vs Dean Byrne between fights.
est 10:45 pm: Mikkel Kessler vs Brian Magee

Channel 5
from 10 pm: James DeGale vs Fulgencio Zuniga
Also showing: Kid Galahad vs Ivan Ruiz Morote and Chris Eubank Jr vs Olegs Fedotovs

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How come you're posting in here tonight, I never see you posting in RbR's. :think
I like Barker don't I, plus I've only really posted in the lounge for ages. About time I got in boxing mode seen as though this is a boxing site, makes sense.

Did you read my article mate?

Not read your article, I'll take a look tomorrow (or is it a preview of one of tonights fights?)

Your 'Powerful Generations and Generating Power' article is my favourite one posted on this site. :choi
I can't remember seeing either of these dudes before, where would I have seen them? O'Kane was in PF, right?
O'Kane will punch himself out at this rate. Ryder is settling into this more as it goes on.
My TV is lagging like a muh'fucka.
What the fuck happened to MM91? He used to post alot now he's like a super twitter whore. Kust had a look on Twitter and he's made something like 22k tweets.
You coukld see Foster keeping an eye on him, gave him plenty of chance to fight back. Decent stoppage.
:lol: You getting one for Christmas?
Christmas? I'm wearing mine now. I can feel my core strength increasing everytime I lean forward to pick up my Stella.
WAR Hope! :ibutt :bbb

I'm gutted that Rees-Murray ain't happening. :-(
What is that Barkers wearing?
The Signature Darren Barker Weight Vest. Yours for only £199.00 (No, I'm not joking.)
Close first round in the battle of the generic haircuts.
This fight is at Middleweight, @Holmes...
Barkers like a carbon copy of Sergio just not nearly as boner inducing
Barker fights nothing like Sergio. Well, not as far as I can see. He's more of an upright boxer-puncher.
Just because he keeps his hands by his waist and he's 'cocky coming forward' doesn't mean he boxes like Sergio. Unless I'm a fucking idiot.
Seriosuly though, am I the only one who can't see the Barker-Sergio comparison?
1 - 20 of 393 Posts
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