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As It Happened: Kessler vs Magee, Barker vs Hope, DeGale vs Zuniga (+ more) Updates & Discussion

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Please use spoiler tags for any fights that may have happened but haven't yet been televised. Thanks.

Tonight's Schedule

Sky Sports
from 8 pm: Kal Yafai vs Jorge Perez
est 8:30 pm: John Ryder vs Eamonn O'Kane
est 9:30 pm: Darren Barker vs Kerry Hope
Also could show: Erick Ochieng vs Max Maxwell and/or Carson Jones vs Dean Byrne between fights.
est 10:45 pm: Mikkel Kessler vs Brian Magee

Channel 5
from 10 pm: James DeGale vs Fulgencio Zuniga
Also showing: Kid Galahad vs Ivan Ruiz Morote and Chris Eubank Jr vs Olegs Fedotovs

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Sweet, all settled in with a pile of beers looking forward to this (after X Factor of course)

Hypothetically, should I have a host of different,... tv's to watch the Sky boxing on.. which ... tv .. might someone say was best to watch it on..
This is probably the most swagged out post ever and makes me want to leave my socialist world and just become a king who robs tv's and oil off people and lounges round all day drinking beer and getting my dick sucked by other people's wives watching X factor and boxing and eastenders
Have I got you on Facebook or something? You're practica;;y quoting my status plans for the evening

Oh you mean nuff's post..
This will be over early, WWWAAAARRRR Baker
Barkers like a carbon copy of Sergio just not nearly as boner inducing
Barker fights nothing like Sergio. Well, not as far as I can see. He's more of an upright boxer-puncher.
Yes he does you muppet, exactly the same, hands down by his waist, cocky coming forward, except SS can pull it off, Baker can't
@Roe possibly the Froch comparison is similar. Low lead hand not just to attack but to defend, parry shots and slip off then inside.

Anyway, the difference in class showed tonight
Nice interview with Barker - proper nice guy
Unless I'm a fucking idiot.
I can't help you then :conf
:lol: relying on Teeto
Did that woman on Channel 5 really just inform me that the upcoming boxing program will contain violence?
:lol: Eubanks such an arrogant ***, if/when he eventually steps up he'll get found out straight away. Wild, horrible fighter
Great argument ******

WAR @Bryn
:rofl Terry O' Connor is fucking awful
This slovac cunt Eubanks Jrs fighting is a massive bell tool
:lol: at this guy getting pissy with Terry O'Connor. I didn't see the stoppage, I take it was predictably bad?
Put it this way, 30 seconds before if he'd have stopped it, it would have been fine, but was a poor stoppage at the time.

There was a clash of heads, opponent was wiping his head, possible a little dazed, CEJr pounced and was laying in - T'O'C should have stopped it then, didn't, then, during a random exchange, he stopped it. Honestly, British refs are awful :-(
Remember about a year ago on ESB when me and scottrf made the ESB anthem and I said WAR Bryn in it hahaha

Not assed lads, this is a classic. Me and Scott had mad chemistry
@Bryn @nufc_jay @Lunny @Bajingo @Pabby @Hook! @Chacal
:lol: That's decent apart from the poor DMX backing track with Scouse accent :lol:
:lol: I felt so victorious like when Tommy lost his V @Danny
Who's that bird? She's worth a squirt
1 - 20 of 393 Posts
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