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As It Happened: Kessler vs Magee, Barker vs Hope, DeGale vs Zuniga (+ more) Updates & Discussion

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Please use spoiler tags for any fights that may have happened but haven't yet been televised. Thanks.

Tonight's Schedule

Sky Sports
from 8 pm: Kal Yafai vs Jorge Perez
est 8:30 pm: John Ryder vs Eamonn O'Kane
est 9:30 pm: Darren Barker vs Kerry Hope
Also could show: Erick Ochieng vs Max Maxwell and/or Carson Jones vs Dean Byrne between fights.
est 10:45 pm: Mikkel Kessler vs Brian Magee

Channel 5
from 10 pm: James DeGale vs Fulgencio Zuniga
Also showing: Kid Galahad vs Ivan Ruiz Morote and Chris Eubank Jr vs Olegs Fedotovs

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"Trying to nick a bit of crumpet."


Eddie's like an embarrassing mother or something.

"Fighting pride of Dungiven"?


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Props to Barker for showing love to the mother.

Mothers >>>>>>>>>>>

The performance boxing-wise was decent too.

Zuniga is a legend, WAR him even though it is highly unlikely he will pull it off.
You should post more
I respectfully disagree.
Respect @Roe though.

I hear he likes cider and I KNOW he's a toast advocate, Roe is the man.
I like cider and live for toast...
But you aren't Roe.
I respectfully agree.

Pab is mad cause my hair is better than his, and I look fly in a suit.
You seem mad because:

A) You are not Roe.
B) Roe is the shit.
C) @Hook! confirmed that your hair is infinitely inferior to mine.
D) I interact with Irish women with Irish accents on a daily basis, whereas you just rely on ONE occasionally speaking through an intercom.

Roe said:
Did anyone see Carson Jones vs Dean Byrne? I didn't catch it when Sky showed it earlier, just wondered what anyone thought of the decision? Apparently @Vano-irons had Byrne watching winning from ringside.
I only caught the last round, which Byrne appeared to pretty much dominate. Jones basically trying to maraud his way through with a disregard for defending himself while Byrne rattled off 2's and 3's before attempting to spin away/hold on. From what I've read a round either way or the draw were all fair results.:conf

I reckon the Jones-Byrne fight just shows how overrated Brook is.
Don't diss my second cousin, Byrne is the man.:deal
Not doing Magee's anthem then? Poor form.
If she wasn't going to be singing it I'm not really fussed.
I think Kessler has loosened up a bit since he started working with Montoya, he's not as robotic as he once was. His propensity for moving in and out of range has improved significantly, as Magee is learning here.:stonk
You look like Ashton Kutchers lesbian sister
1 - 13 of 393 Posts
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