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As it Happened: Rose vs Webb & Haskins vs Jamoye - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for live updates & discussion from tonight's boxing, featuring Brian Rose vs Sam Webb and Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye.

Tonight's Schedule

Brian Rose vs Sam Webb
British light-middleweight title - Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK
from 9:30pm - Loaded TV (Sky 200)

Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye
European bantamweight title - Hallo Omnisport La Préalle, Liege, Belgium
from 10pm - ESPN UK (Sky 417)
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Loaded currently showing an interview with Maloney from at the bar of a boozer.

No expense spared.
Art & Tony Gale after the break. Can't wait.
Head tennis in the beer garden.

This shit is fantastic.
Fuck off you boring bastard.
Well that's uncalled for...
Not enjoying this tune.
Maloney says there's some sort of special show on after this.

Good round for Rose. Can see him stopping Webb here.
Maloney said that it will be the home of Boxing, not that it is, to be fair.
Ok mate, still a ridiculous thing to say IMO.
Of course, but it's promoter talk isn't it.
Tyson Fury and Frank Maloney in the same building... :ibutt
Maloney says there's some sort of special show on after this.

Anyone see what this was?

He really needs a new hat.
1 - 12 of 69 Posts
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