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As it Happened: Rose vs Webb & Haskins vs Jamoye - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for live updates & discussion from tonight's boxing, featuring Brian Rose vs Sam Webb and Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye.

Tonight's Schedule

Brian Rose vs Sam Webb
British light-middleweight title - Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK
from 9:30pm - Loaded TV (Sky 200)

Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye
European bantamweight title - Hallo Omnisport La Préalle, Liege, Belgium
from 10pm - ESPN UK (Sky 417)
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Is this in a Weatherspoons?
:lol: Looks like it.
Rose has the nicest shorts and therefore the upperhand in the battle of hearts and minds.
Good round for Rose. Can see him stopping Webb here.
Webb comes out with the intention to work his way in straight away from the bell. Rose puts him off early with a stiff jab and a right uppercut. Rose working the straight punches in the middle part of the round. Getting the range right.

Starts to back Webb up by the end with a big overhand right.

10-9 Rose, though Webb looked pretty game it's not going to work.
Brian Rose looking really strong early on. Can also see Webb getting stopped here. Rose looks about 2 weight classes higher, as well as looking the better, smarter boxer.
Webb once again looks to work his way to the inside but Webb's jab is effective and keeps him away. The first time he does get close Rose hits him with a left hook to send him back out again.

Webb works his way to the inside a couple of times but Rose seems to be landing the cleaner shots. Webb's had some success there and lands a decent straight right towards the end of the round but still Rose's round.

20-18 Rose
Webb is putting his shots together well at times, jabbing and doubling up on the left hook to the body, but Rose's punches are looking much more impactful when they land. He's throwing jabs that almost look more damaging than Webb's combinations.
Seems to be a bit of a pattern here, Rose controlling the range for the first minute of the rounds and Webb closing it down after that.

Both fighters landing decent bodyshots this round. Tough round to score but I think Webb edges it.

29-28 Rose
39-37 Rose

Webb started off fairly well getting in and out but Rose then went on the establish his jab and right hand. As Pabbers has said Rose's shots seem much more impactful.
Another decent round by Rose, keeping him away with the jab.

49-46 Rose
Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye is now live on ESPN UK. In HD.
Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye is now live on ESPN UK. In HD.
No spoilers??
No spoilers??
I'll put the Haskins round by round in spoiler tags :good
I'll put the Haskins round by round in spoiler tags :good
Nice one,cheers.
Good round for Webb there.

Webb's round for me, 68-65 Rose
Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye

Round 1: Haskins. Entertaining opening round with both trading punches early on. Jamoye lands good scoring shots but Haskins counters well with the uppercut inside. Really close round. Haskins just edges it for commentator Barrie Jones and I tend to agree just. 10-9 Haskins.
Rose is backing straight up onto the ropes too often in my opinion. All well and good wanting to utilise the jab from distance but he's gotta be a bit more intelligent in his movement when a dude tries to close the gap on him. Both appear to be tiring a bit but Webb is maintaining a lot of his output, whereas Rose's has dwindled a bit and thus he's not pushing Webb back very much anymore. He's shown he can discourage him at times though.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand just as I type that he pushes Webb back on the ropes and unloads some punches................
I'm all for more boxing on television but this is really quite embarassing.

Maloney saying new home of boxing! I don't like to hate for no good reason, but he does press my buttons.

So whats he saying then with regards to his number one property David Price? He is not on the home of boxing? He's not really doing right by him is he?!

And to think people said Boxnation looked amatuerish! This does really show how well Boxnation did from the start in my opinion.
Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye

Round 2: Haskins (10-8). Early in the round Haskins lands a big left hand to floor Jamoye and shake him badly. Haskins jumps all over Jamoye when he recovers but smothers his work and gets tied up inside. The Belgian puts the pressure on for the rest of the round but Haskins is boxing better and counters well with awkward shots from different angles. Haskins picking his shots well. 20-17 Haskins.
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