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As it Happened: Rose vs Webb & Haskins vs Jamoye - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for live updates & discussion from tonight's boxing, featuring Brian Rose vs Sam Webb and Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye.

Tonight's Schedule

Brian Rose vs Sam Webb
British light-middleweight title - Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK
from 9:30pm - Loaded TV (Sky 200)

Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye
European bantamweight title - Hallo Omnisport La Préalle, Liege, Belgium
from 10pm - ESPN UK (Sky 417)
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Webb wants it to be fought at close range but the problem is Rose is clearly bigger and stronger than him. When it gets to that range Rose has no problem getting off the ropes and backing Webb up. Good round, good shots landed by both fighters but I've given it to Rose.

78-74 Rose, seems wider than it should be :conf
Maloney said that it will be the home of Boxing, not that it is, to be fair.
Just put Haskins-Jamoye on TV.

Trying to watch two fights at once = don't really see either properly.
Neither of the two look as though they enjoy fighting on the backfoot and times are both guilty of being backed onto the ropes.

These last few rounds will be crucial as I'd prob have it closer than Moore whoever is the fresher will probably nick it.
Good round for Webb, avoiding most of Rose's punches with his head movement and outworked Rose for most of the round. He won the round for me.

87-84 to Rose.
Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye

Round 3: Haskins. Jamoye comes out for the 3rd swinging but Haskins ducks and evades most attacks. Haskins badly cut over the right eye. Doctor checks the cut and it doesn't look good but it's allowed to continue. Jamoye trying to rough Haskins up inside but Lee's landing all the cleaner punches. Crazy round but pretty entertaining. Another Haskins round for me. 30-26 Haskins.
Maloney said that it will be the home of Boxing, not that it is, to be fair.
Ok mate, still a ridiculous thing to say IMO.
Lee Haskins in a seemingly entertaining fight(it might just be really scrappy and the commotion that seems to be going on coupled with me only half-watching makes for a deceptive combination) is a welcome surprise, the cut could put an end to that though.:err

Good things in small doses, I guess.:conf
Ok mate, still a ridiculous thing to say IMO.
Of course, but it's promoter talk isn't it.

Haskins actually looks good, he's hurt Jamoye a few times, badly cut though but is planting his feet and bossing the fight at times, great fight so far.
I fucking love the ref. He reminds me of Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 1 when he's running around panicking "WHERE'S MY EAR, HAVE YOU SEEN MY EAR?"

Was pissing myself last week when he jumped in and was just like "WAIT, DID YOU HEAR THE BELL? WAS THAT THE BELL? NO? OH GOD, CARRY ON SORRY"
Bit of a staredown after the bell. Webb still working well but once again most of the big shots have been from Rose.

97-93 Rose
Tyson Fury and Frank Maloney in the same building... :ibutt
Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye

Round 4: Jamoye. Didn't actually see all of this round, but Jamoye appeared to be landing a bit more now and may have edged this one. 39-36 Haskins.
Another Rose round. Not enjoying the Moore commentary though, all over Rose. Maybe he's infiltrated my mind.

107-102 Rose though it could be a round or 2 closer.
Lee Haskins vs Stephane Jamoye

Round 5: Haskins starts to walk Jamoye down in this round and lands the much cleaner shots. Another entertaining round, and one where Haskins does the better work again. 49-46 Haskins.
Haskins nearly took Jamoye's head off with that right hook!
This is turning into a cracker(isn't it sweet that we can type that?). Jamoye's high-octane style is forcing Haskins into working a lot more than he's accustomed to, holding here and there but both are landing some heavy stuff, Jamoye is leaning and walking into a lot of Haskins' punches and really adding to their affect at times. Haskins is rolling with some of Jamoye's combinations but occasionally being caught by a doozie when his hands are down, which spurs Jamoye into REALLY stepping up the pace and wailing away.

Haskins in a FOTY contender who would have thought it!
OOOOF Webb's come out this round throwing some serious leather. Immediately hits Rose with 2 lefts. Gets him on the ropes and knocks his head back with a BIG right hand.

Happens again. Webb going to war this round. Looks like he's realised he needs the stoppage.

Rose taking all these punches very well, big shots not bothering him though.

Tempted to give that a 10-8 for Webb, Rose barely landed anything that round, though he didn't seem hurt at any point.

115-112 Rose
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