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Audley above Price on Boxrec

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Audley up 51 to 19

Price down 8 to 22
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Audley is back baby, and ready to take over the worl. Harrison KO1 Price, Harrison KO1 Haye. Whoz nex???
Harrison will be knocked out in the first round against whoever he fights next, it really doesn't matter. He's a disgrace to boxing, a heartless coward and a joke.
Pff, You just don't believe, this is his destiny, 2013, redemption, this is Audley's fate.
Olympic Gold, WBF world champion, European champion, Prize fighter champion x 2, WBA world title challenger...World title holder, Unified world champion, GOAT.

Audley's Path has been written. You can't deny destiny.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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