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Audley Harrison MBE retires

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Audley Harrison: I'm retiring

Around the time great Olympians like Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), Floyd Mayweather and our very own Amir Khan were starting their Olympic journey and winning their medals. I was just getting serious with life - lacing on a pair of boxing gloves for the 1st time age 19. I was a young tear away, expelled from two schools, had no qualifications and was just released from a young offenders institution.

If you told me then I would be a 2x national champion, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Olympic Games Gold Medalist, B.Sc. University Graduate. M.B.E, European Heavyweight Champion, married, and a parent, I would likely have said that's just stupid talk. In the rough neighborhoods where I grew up, it's hard to make dreams come true.

There are only so many times you can fall before it becomes foolhardy to continue. I've fallen a lot, but winning the heavyweight title was a destination I really wanted to get to. Coming back from adversity has been synonymous with my life.

I've done well to turn my life around, but sadly my dream to be a legitimate world champion will be unrealised.

I believed if I was mentally and physically right, I could figure these young guns out. Saturday was my final chance to prove it. The thing that pulled me up was pride, so I wanted a chance to continue and go out on my shield. It was not to be…

The rematch win over Danny Williams, avenging my loss to Michael Sprott to win the European title with a torn pec, plus winning the WBF title at Wembley Arena with Lennox Lewis in attendance were proud moments. I was also elated to win Prizefighter for the second time, putting in three good performances.

I'd like to thank the trainers, support staff and medical professionals I've worked with over the years. You have helped me greatly in the gyms, boardrooms and operating tables over the years, and I'm grateful to you all. Special mention to Kelvyn Travis.

Through boxing, I have been blessed to have travelled the world, socialized and mixed in circles I could have only dreamt about as a child. Receiving the M.B.E. from HRH and meeting so many of my boxing idols like Muhammad Ali and Marvin Haglar have been high points.

To Raychel my wife, thanks for your unconditional love and support…I look forward to the imminent arrival of our little boy to join our princess Ariella.

Our life is a one time deal, no rehearsals, so the regrets I have, I live with and accept…I got focused a little late in life, so I've had to learn some tough lessons along the way.

My brothers and family members have had to share in the roller coaster of my public life over the years and defending the family name after I lose has been a burden for you all. Thank you for the love and support over the years. I intend to lead a normal existence from here guys.

Finally, thank you to my dad for your efforts in raising us together under the same roof. Wish I could have achieved my goal for you.

Big up, look up and get up!

One love…

Audley A Force Harrison

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In his own way he's been pretty entertaining. I say good luck to him :good
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