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The Aussie forum was started by Australian posters Spider (later renamed DB Cooper) and Sox. The first Australian moderator of the forum was bruiserh89.

The forum became the Aussie & Kiwi Forum in late May 2017.

One of our biggest contributors stiflers mum unfortunately passed away in 2018. RIP.


Pub Chat is basically the LOUNGE of the Aussie & Kiwi Forum.

Aussie or otherwise feel free to contribute here.

I don't make the rules. But I'm sure if you try hard enough to overstep the mark you'll get dealt with.

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Yew, i can't wait for geale and barker myself, i see a cracker of a fight with a lot of momentum shifts!
as for lucas browne, i see him disposing of towers pretty quickly with that sneakily fast right hand of his and moving onto better things, he deserves it imo.
Mick gatto seems to just be scrambling for public attention these days, i think he might just want to sell more books.
Great to have some quality posters discussing relevant topics wihout petty bullshit being involved!. I also heard some murmurings that willie kickett is looking to be fighting more regularly which is always great news, and i hope matty garlett keeps improving,such a humble hard worker with loads of talent.
Last i heard he was training with jeff mayweather? rocky sure looked the goods but i heard some worrying things about his mental state also.
It's nice to find a forum that is TCboxa, MidniteDickProwler and mrdoctor-free. \
You said it man, TC pretty much single handedly tore the aussie forum down with his bullshit.
Stiffjab! good to see you on here dude, loving this site and the quality of posters on here so far. I was Dawsosj over at esb btw.
Are you talking about johnny rotten? fair go he was a right twat in that, only looking to further push his "punk bad boy" image by attempting to humiliate her, he simply refused to allow her to even ask a question asn was being a patronising cunt.
Watching ufc 160, the one and only danny green is in james te huna's corner, he has been an integral part of the training camp trying to help te huna improve his striking, i don't think te huna will beat glover though, that guy is a beast.
How pathetic is his danny green thread that he just started back on the east side wasteland. Having a tirade against green for giving props to sakio bika and wlodarczyck? man what a sad pathetic little man!. Im over the moon that he has been banned, i can deal with 20a87, he is harmless and actually has quite a reasonable knowledge of the sport.
Wow, this is just getting sad, some people obviously have no actual life therefore must resort to creating aliases to further their agenda's, it must be a depressing thought living with the reality that nobody in virtual or actual social circles wants to have anything to do with you.
Holy shit this is getting comical
On a bit of a different topic lad's i dislocated my clavicle on the weekend playing footy, the section which is in my chest and its kind of protruding out a bit and sore as fuck, arm is in a sling and mobility is little to none, just wondering if anybody's done this before and how long the recovery time is before i can get back into my kettlebells and boxing etc.
Bruised and busted most of my bits but never that one. Have you got a medical opinion yet?
Yeah i saw a doctor on saturday night but he was extremely vague about recovery time, just said it is day to day and the bone will put itself back in to place, not really helpful or reassuring at all really.
1 - 12 of 3500 Posts
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