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The Aussie forum was started by Australian posters Spider (later renamed DB Cooper) and Sox. The first Australian moderator of the forum was bruiserh89.

The forum became the Aussie & Kiwi Forum in late May 2017.

One of our biggest contributors stiflers mum unfortunately passed away in 2018. RIP.


Pub Chat is basically the LOUNGE of the Aussie & Kiwi Forum.

Aussie or otherwise feel free to contribute here.

I don't make the rules. But I'm sure if you try hard enough to overstep the mark you'll get dealt with.

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GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS LADS!! if we can somehow keep the choad away this place might be heaven!!
I think Mundine has been biding his time to see how the Soliman thing panned out. His ideal scenario would have been Soliman fighting and upsetting Geale. That would have left Mundine with the tantilising prospect of Soliman, a guy he knows he can beat, with a legit title he could challenge for.

Soliman still has a ranking and Mundine is without a dance partner, and must win his next fight to stay relevant??
i think youve nailed it. thats the plan for sure
hows dave warner getting sent home for getting stuck into one of the poms in a pub! lol should be upgraded to the penthouse suite imo :smile
The timing could not have been much worse for Warner to fuck up so soon after the twitter incident. It might have been quickly forgotten otherwise. Now he's in a whole heap of shit.
its a bit of a tough one for suits considering the previous captains pugilistic history up the cross
Clarky's no fighter though. Just ask Simon Katich.
:lol: or lara bingles lawyer
tony wehbee doing it tough in todays paper.. poor bugger.
what do you blokes make of this adam goodes saga?.. in my heart i truly believe its not just down to racism. some dimwits probably boo him thinking it is but i think it goes a little bit deeper than that. I reckon goodes is in a similar position to what michael clarke was in a couple of years ago. where you couldnt pick up a paper or turn on the telly without seeing his face and people were just sick to fucking death of him. it wasnt anything hed particularly done but it was like "yeah mate we get it, youre young, youre rich and youre banging a supermodel,...good on ya.... now how about ya just shut the fuck up and play the fucking game eh?"
goodes is the same except with him every time you open the paper its one of three things
1- what an absolute saint he is and that he pisses champagne and shits pure gold
2- hes indigenous dont you know? oh and hes stoked that hes indigenous...cause aboriginals are sick cunts
3- having a whinge that someone is a racist

I just think people have had enough of it. theres a thousand black guys in the AFL who dont get booed, why goodes? cause people are fucking sick of his drama. I know this because im sick of him and i dont even watch the game. and i guarantee id be in the top 3 least racist posters on this forum. as alan jones said, hes always the victim and again its like mate just fucking go away will ya..
As i said i think it goes a bit deeper than racism and just blanketing the whole affair as simply racism is a gross over simplification of the matter.

what do you blokes reckon
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whats going on with auburn council?? this mehajer prick seems like nothing more than a wannabe gangster. how the fuck does he still hold a position?
I thought I heard the other day he lost his spot and mentioned his ultimate goal was to become PM!
oh really? he may have. i was just reading that the council have sold his sister a carpark at a drastically undervalued price. youve got to wonder..
has anybody had a more stressful year than mick fanning??

-elite athlete at the top of his sport, already faces immense pressure and a glaring spotlight
-saves a woman from drowning
-attacked by a MASSIVE shark
-scared from the water by another shark his very next surf
-brother dies without warning
-somehow still manages to claw his way gut wrenchingly close the world title
-divorces his missus of 8 years

any one of these would send me to the bottle... whats next for the poor bastard?
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so.... nobody panic.. but barnaby joyce is our acting PM.. I quite like barnaby. hes mad as a hatter but he does alot of good and seems quite a personable fellow.
Heard someone talking about this very topic on ABC radio only a few days ago - probably inspired by that program - perhaps it was even someone connected with that program?

The most interesting point made was that about 25 years ago the average price of a house was about 4 or 5 times the average wage. By comparison, that has now blown out to about 10 times the average wage in Melbourne and towards 20 times it in Sydney.
they say in the program that median house price is now 29 times the average wage. To put that in perspective they looked at an average house in kellyville and said that it wil take every cent the average worker earns for 29 years to pay the place off and that is BEFORE tax.
Its fucking insane.
ill be voting labor for the first time in my life this election simply for the fact that theyre the first party to do anything other than bury their head in the sand over the issue
can you blokes fucking believe this shit?? 9 years of "work" = 1.3 MILLION dollar pension....and its not enough...

or in other words...bloke whos done less work than i have and hasnt lifted a finger in decades still earns double what i do and wants more money for doing nothing..... from me!! youve almost got to admire the front on these cunts....almost
this vermin should all be strung from a lamp post just on principle and as a warning to the next generation of criminals we vote in.
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just got back from the dawn service. any of you cunts do it? ive only been doing them for about 5 years but im getting the sense they get just a little bigger every year. they even had a big screen where i was this year. its great to see.
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