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Aydin joins Hayemaker!

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On Adam Booth's twitter
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On Adam Booth's twitter
As in he takes on Booth as his trainer and not joins Hayemaker promotions?
Isnt Booth Turkish Cypriot?
Hi Father was/is, according to Wiki.

Also from his Wikipedia page;

Adam Booth's nickname is Dark Lord for being very outspoken for a trainer. :lol:

Surely it should mention his Dark Energy?
Ha ha it's funny when he always fall's out with that Kugan Cassius from Ifilm London when he interviews him, I remember an interview with George Groves when he kept referring to Booth as the dark lord.

Didn't see that coming Aydin Joining hayemaker/Booth.
Do you know the background to why he's called the Dark Lord? It was Flint over on ESB that came up with it. :lol:
Yeah sort of Ha ha, when i use to work nights 6 hours of the shift we had nothing to do id look on ESB because there was some funny shit went down on there, i can vaguely remember pictures of Adam booth in some mad costume with an evil looking smile Ha ha.
:lol: That's the one.

Booth must see something in him. He obviously only takes on quality fighters. Can he turn Aydin into a Haye/Groves type fighter?
I don't think Aydin has it in him to use the standard Booth style. It might be a good indication of whether or not Booth has more tricks in his arsenal than we're aware of though.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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