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Who will win?

Bellew-Chilemba & Crolla-Matthews II this weekend!

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Not seen much buzz about this card, but both fights are interesting for different reasons.


Bellew is doing a good job of rebuilding from his close lose to Cleverly, easily having a better run of opposition since. Seems like Hearn and Bellew are keen to go down the WBC route and look to secure a fight with Chad Dawson at some point in the near future. Chilemba represents a good challenge and each fighters' style should prove for a close fight.

Prediction: Bellew UD.

Crolla-Matthews II

The first contest was one of the domestic fights of the year in 2012 and this one should be no different. I see this as another solid 50:50, since the first fight both men have had failed attempts in the same Prizefighter tournament and will be looking to re-establish themselves as two of the best domestic lightweights we have in Britain.

Prediction: Crolla TKO

How do you see these two going?


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Chilemba is a good fighter, all you have to do is watch his previous fights to realise that. Very hard to pick a winner here but I'll go with Bellew close points win, this is arguably the toughest fight of his career.

Crolla to stop Matthews late on.

Great card.
Eddie: "People said 'don't you think you should've shared some of the dates with other promoters?'. No, fuck off." :rofl
Chilemba wins the weigh in.
By being nervous, acting like a prick and not being able to look your opponent in he eye? Makes sense.

Go on Isaac lad.
:lol: Not a fan of Bellew Bryn? Oh yeah I forgot your Welsh ;)

But at the same time he didn't have a shitty, fake, silver belt on his shoulder.
:lol: True.
Buzzing for this, think this could turn out better then the Frampton/Martinez card which was brilliant.

Bellew to win a tough fight on points, Crolla to get the stoppage in another war.
1 - 7 of 47 Posts
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