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Bellew/Chilemba rematch set for May 25th on Froch/Kessler undercard

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It's been confirmed that Tony Bellew and Isaac Chilemba will rematch on May 25th at the O2 Arena in London on the undercard of Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler.

How do y'all see this rematch going?
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Another "unbelievable" fight to be announced for this card according to Eddie. Groves' opponent to be named this week as well.

Exciting times for British boxing.

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"7 Willbeforce Shihepo (WBO Africa) NAM"

:lol: That's gotta be a made up name.
WAR Willbeforce :bbb
I do think it will be a more exciting fight than the first. Bellew will, I think they'll both make more of an effort. I fancy Bellew.
Chilemba's style might make it look like he's not desperately trying to win but that's just how he fights, on the other hand when Bellew tries to box it sometimes looks a little too forced and can come across as boring, and not all that effective either IMO. I agree that hopefully this will be a bit more exciting. There's a bit more on the line now as well in a way.

They said Isaac Chilemba was ill before the last fight though and I believe them so he should be quicker and more up for it on May 25th. And Bellew suffered a bit of criticism following the draw so will also be keen to put that right.

Welcome to the forum btw :hi:

How did you score the first fight?
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