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Best performance when under pressure

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Best performance by a boxer under immense pressure . Mine is joe Louis in the second schmeling fight
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In July, 1951 the great Ray Robinson suffered a humiliating defeat to Randy Turpin in London. His god-like myth was shattered by that defeat
so a rematch was booked for Sept 12, 1951 in the old Polo Grounds in NYC. I luckily had great seats for that match sitting about ten rows
in back of Gen. Douglas MacArthur...There was so much anticipation in the crowd, and so much tension put on Robinson who suffered a terrible cut eye
in the 9th round causing the ref and ring doctor to check it out. They allowed the bout to continue in the 10th round and Robinson cut and truly exhausted
unleashed a violent attack on the rugged Turpin dropping Randy and hurting him so bad that the referee stopped the bout, and Ray Robinson
once again ruled supreme and regaining his reputation as the truly greatest fighter in his times...Ray would always rise to the occasion....
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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