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Best performance when under pressure

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Best performance by a boxer under immense pressure . Mine is joe Louis in the second schmeling fight
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I've sung the praises of Frazier in FOTC many times as far as spotlight is concerned. As far as being under pressure in the fight, offensive fire power, my favourite recent one is JMM VS Pacquiao I. JMM's always been a gem as far as fighting under pressure, in my opinion. But an all-time great, greatest offensive force of his time, he's knocked you down three times, bloodied you, come with in a cunny-hair of getting the kayo, and it's the first round, and you pull it together to make your pugilistic lesson plan for him and teach him something for the rest of the fight and manage a draw under the 10 point must system? Stunning. Stunningly cool, intellectual tide-turning performance. You've got to have nerves of steel not to be ripped apart and blown out early after this.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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