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Big night for South African boxing tonight

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Their two best boxers - Nkosinathi Joyi and Moruti Mthalane - are in action, both defending their IBF titles away from home. Joyi takes on the underrated Mario Rodriguez in Mexico, which is a voluntary defence I believe, and Mthalane travels to Panama to face dangerous mandatory Ricardo Nunez.

Zolani Tete, one of SA's best prospects, is also fighting tonight, travelling to Argentina to take on the unbeaten Roberto Domingo Sosa in an IBF eliminator.

When these three fights have been overlooked, it kind of tells you how great today has been for boxing fans :yep

Anyway, how do you feel these fights will go? :think
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Not seen Tete. Can you describe him, kos?
Ha, long time since I've seen him mate, but I'll try :yep

From what I remember, he's a stylish outside boxer who likes to fight on the back foot. He kept Mthalane at bay for 2-3 rounds, but his inexperience let him down in that one and he was walked down in the end. But I seen enough from him in that fight to suggest he has something about him.
Rather mixed night to say the least...

Joyi stopped in the 7th in a shocker, whilst he was perhaps their most bankable fighter to get the win beforehand.

Tete dropped a split decision, with all three cards being 115-114 (2 to Sosa, 1 to Tete).

Mthalane, however, pulled off an 8th round stoppage over Nunez after both had hit the canvas earlier in the fight.


Mthalane vs Nunez (only HL's; would be shocking if the full fight isn't out there):

I watched the Joyi fight yesterday and I had him sweeping the first six rounds, although a couple of them were closeish. In the 7th, his defence became ragged and he repeatedly got tagged hard by Rodriguez, which resulted in him taking a knee near the end of the round and deciding not to get back up. Kind of reminded me of Linares-DeMarco as a recent example.

I was expecting Joyi to be worn down, because he was being backed up and made to work all the time by Rodriguez. Not only that, but he also faded in his last fight against Takayama. However, to me it looked like he seemed to be handling the pace. Although, in a recent interview, Joyi said: "...The problem was that I couldn't breathe properly because of the heat."

Who knows? :conf

Anyway, there will be a rematch by December according to Joyi. It was a very good fight (watch it if you get the chance), so I wouldn't mind seeing it again :good
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