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Big night for South African boxing tonight

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Their two best boxers - Nkosinathi Joyi and Moruti Mthalane - are in action, both defending their IBF titles away from home. Joyi takes on the underrated Mario Rodriguez in Mexico, which is a voluntary defence I believe, and Mthalane travels to Panama to face dangerous mandatory Ricardo Nunez.

Zolani Tete, one of SA's best prospects, is also fighting tonight, travelling to Argentina to take on the unbeaten Roberto Domingo Sosa in an IBF eliminator.

When these three fights have been overlooked, it kind of tells you how great today has been for boxing fans :yep

Anyway, how do you feel these fights will go? :think
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Very surprised that Joyi got knocked out. Anyone know much about the opponent?
I vaguely remembered hearing about Rodriguez before the fight was made, probably due to him having KO'd GKB earlier this year, but I hadn't seen any of his fights. Even from glancing at his BoxRec you can tell he's more than likely a better fighter than his pretty unflattering numbers suggest. The only fight of his I've seen since is the only one I could find, which is his draw against Pedro Guevara(the dude who dropped a split decision against Casimero not long ago).

Despite him being better than I anticipated I can't say I'm any less shocked by the upset he pulled on Saturday though. I mean, he's decent but appears fairly basic. Consistent pressure fighter, very much left-hand orientated, dodgy hair, and relatively solid defensively(seems like he can take a shot too). I'm guessing Joyi was winning comfortably before getting nailed by a left hook or something, I'd really be surprised if he wasn't winning the fight anyways. Then again I might be selling the dude short, he's only in his early 20's and his recent string of results suggest that he's ever-improving. In a stylistic sense he just seems too straight-forward and basic to really take rounds off Mabere consistently though, Joyi's a big straw and I would've thought he even could have played into Rodriguez's hands by fighting toe-to-toe and still won. Obviously not.

I'm damn disappointed with Joyi really, I rated the dude as much as I was frustrated by him.


Still shocked that Joyi got iced, I thought he was gonna go on to big things if I'm honest.
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