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Billy Backus - WelterWeight Champion of the World

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Carmen Basilio's nephew, Backus won the Title from the legendary Jose Naploes but lost it in a rematch.

Here is a link to a brief profile - Basilio and Billy Backus

An in depth interview - Dan Hanley interviews Backus

Boxrec Record

CBZ Record
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Seen a couple of fights of Backus so far, he wasn't a bad fighter, being an awkward, tough and determined slugger.
Backus is a bit underrated IMO - by that, I mean he's nowhere near as terrible as he's made out to be. In both fights with Napoles, he showed a surprising ability to make Napoles miss and counter him. Even in the rematch, he gave Napoles a better fight than most of other WWs around that time, even if only for a few rounds.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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