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Borussia Dortmund vs Man City

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Place your bets...
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Could happen but I don't reckon they'll play him now they're out :conf
:stonk So my bet will be refunded, right?
Errrm.... I don't know, I don't make the rules :conf That would certainly seem the fair thing to do.

You get my message? Just making sure you got my message.
This is why you shouldn't ever bet on a sport you know nothing about.
Sorry @Bryn

I'm sure we can sort out your 100 return should he not play

@Bryn - It'd need okaying by the bigger boys though. But it's what most IRL Bookies do so I don't see why not :conf
I am one of the bigger boys. Make with the money. (If Aguero doesn't score and/or City lose.)
Errm... no. You get refunded if he doesn't play. Not if your bet doesn't come in :lol:
:conf Worth a shot. @nufc_jay
:lol: No
No refunds. Soz.
Harsh but fair :conf
@Bryn - soz
'Soz' ain't good enough. Gimme my monies.
Take it up with bawsman

Aguero is on the bench. Just sayin'
1 - 11 of 20 Posts
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