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Awesome stuff

Here's one of my personal favourites, from Jack Dempsey's book "Championship Fighting". Jack uses this picture to illustrate the bizaare fact that if you drop a baby from a fourth storey window on to the head of a truck driver, it will likely knock him out. As most boxers weigh more than a baby, it is possible to knockout even the toughest truck driver. I've got the pdf of the book if anybody wants it.


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George Godfrey 1928 article (lifted from another boxing site)

Godfrey had been working In Jack
Dempsey's camp as a sparring partner
and when his services were no longer
needed Jack Kearns gave him $500
to pay his fare from Saratoga to
Philadelphia and provide some pork
chops en route.
The big ***** was several . days
late in arriving at the baron's home
and when he did arrive the baron
hardly knew him. He had on a high
silk hat, a frock coat, yellow shoes,
white spats, a cane, yellow gloves
and a tie that would have stopped
the Twentieth Century. He also had
a big wardrobe trunk with "George
Godfrey" painted in letters a foot
high on one side and a huge "X" on
the other side.
"What's that on there for?" Dougherty
asked, pointing to the "X" on
the trunk.
"That's my name in my kind of
writin'. My name in your kind of
writln' is on the other side."
Dougherty wanted to know how
much money he had and when he
was told that he had none left he
wanted an explanation.
"You see, Mist. Dougherty, I needed
a lot of decorations inside and
out and I gottem.- Pork costs big
and don't go far when you been eating
little in a training camp and
clothes Is costly."
"What have you got in the trunk?"
he was asked.
"Nothln1." he said. "You see, Mist
Dougherty. I always did crave a trunk
with my name on it and I decided
I'd better git one while I had money
Because when I needed one might
Not have money. I'm all set now
And needing a vacation. How much
Loan am I good for Mist.Dougherty?
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