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boxrec and haye v chisora

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whats the story ?....they are not posting the fight result on either boxers record...
and before the fight they gave these views..

the bit about which WBA belt it exactly was for is almost comical...allegedly and boxnation calling it different names.

so..what is the story...are boxrec the official fight record keepers, or does what they post matter?...and is the result on their records now ??
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They've had all those issues with Warren and are letting personal opinions and politics get in the way of their site. They should be there to say what has happened in professional boxing and the Haye-Chisora fight was a professional bout. It just seems petty them pretending nothing happened.

Boxrec is a great boxing resource but if they're going to start picking and choosing which fights they cover then that's going to have a negative impact on the site.
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