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Bradley Calls Bob Arum A 'Liar'

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Newly crowned WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley has taken aim at his promoter Bob Arum, calling the Top Rank CEO a "liar" for claiming that Bradley admitted he lost a controversial decision win over Manny Pacquiao earlier this month.

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, Bob Arum told assembled media that Bradley told him "I couldn't beat the guy" in reference to Pacquiao. Bradley vehemently denied the claim and made his first critical remarks of Arum since signing with Top Rank last year.

"What is Bob Arum's favorite slogan? 'I was lying yesterday, but I'm telling the truth today.' Is that it?" Bradley told The Desert Sun. "I never told Bob that at all. He's a liar and I will tell him that to his face."

"I told Bob I did the best I can. I got injured. That was it. That's all I said to Bob. I didn't say, 'Bob, I couldn't beat that guy.' I would never say that, because I thought I won the fight."

Bradley, who hasn't spoken with Arum since the bout, finds himself in a waiting game position as Arum has publicly mulled whether to move ahead with a November Bradley-Pacquiao rematch, or move forward with a fourth Pacquiao-Marquez bout, this time in Mexico.

That would leave Bradley, with an open fall date, with the remote possibility of facing Floyd Mayweather, who is currently serving a brief prison sentence for domestic abuse and coming off an entertaining May win over Miguel Cotto.

Although Bradley believes his lack of star power and Top Rank contract hurts the possibility of a Mayweather bout, he sees the fight as a gateway to silence the naysayers who question his credibility following the Pacquiao fight.

"He's all about money, 'Money' Mayweather. If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense," explained Bradley. "That would be his take: 'What kind of fans are you going to bring to it, Bradley?' Me having a small fan base, that would jeopardize me fighting him. But I'm all for it. I would love to face him because I feel he needs to learn too."
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