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Brief Notes on Garcia vs Matthysse

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Perceived to possibly be the most evenly matched fight for the remainder of the year.

Lucas sets his punches up better wheres DANI relies on taking the openings when opponents throw.

Case in point of Lucas offensive ability to set your ass up. Lamont finally moves towards his own right to get away from Lucas straight right to the body. Lucas feints to hold Lamont still for a split second and gain ground (cut the ring off). Then Lucas throws a phony looping right that misses and has Lamont concerned about protecting his head. Lamont moves to his left towards another set of ropes. Lucas feints, measures with his jab, and throws the right downstairs to open up Lamont for the grazing left hook that put him on his ass.

DANI has the better defense, jab, and long distance boxing. He didn't allow Zab to get into the fight unlike Lucas. It wasn't until later when DANI had a lapse in focus that Zab got going.

DANI shut off in the 10th or 11th round after Zab landed a nice left and then right. Lucas took Zab's counter left uppercut in the fourth round like it was no big deal.

Lucas is very dependent on his right hand downstairs. Neutralize this punch and he begins to look like an ordinary slugger. Devon Alexander did a good job at minimizing this shot.

DANI is the rangier man and should keep this fight behind his jab, looking to counter Lucas left with long rights.

DANI by competitive decision.

Notes taken from seriously watching Lucas-Lamont and casually watching Lucas-Judah, Lucas-Alexander, and DANI-Zab.

and Trout beat Alvarez + Murray beat Sergio
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