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British Heavyweight Debate: Woodcock and Erskine

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Which of these two British heavyweights do you rank higher, Bruce Woodcock or Joe Erskine?

Also give your reasons why :good
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Good question, i think the consensus is Woodcock, but I rate Erskine's wins over Cooper, Chuvalo and Pastrano highly, and, as a big fan of Prescott, really rate the win over Prescott at the end of Erskines career so its close
I believe that Erskine is one of the most underrated British heavyweights of all time, up there alongside Johnny Williams, Henry Akinwande and Tommy Martin (Who? Exactly).

I only have two/three places between them in my domestic heavyweight list, but I do believe Erskine had the better career despite not being close to Woodcock in terms of popularity.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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