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Brook injured again?

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Over at the scene apparently has a foot injury and may pull out again.

Tired of this kid now.
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Good news for Brook's consciousness.
Brook is the next Kevin Mitchell imo.
In what respect?
Domestic fighter who gets crushed at world level every time.
I see, although I don't necessarily agree. Mitchell always had that sort of fragility about him, which hinders him against world level fighters, but I think Brook seems to be a bit more resilient.
Where is Hearns note from the Doctor?
We will take Eddie's excuses at face value. After all, it is a very pretty face.
Rolled his ankle, standard playground injury :lol:
There are worse playground injuries that could've hindered his entire career. He might have been bouncing a basket ball and the ball hit the ends of his fingers, or one of the other kids could've pulled his hair and 'bent his fingers back'.
:lol: or the classic grazed kneew and elbows
:lol: That'd do it.
1 - 7 of 50 Posts
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