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Brook injured again?

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Over at the scene apparently has a foot injury and may pull out again.

Tired of this kid now.
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Eddie Hearn ‏@EddieHearn 1m
Regarding @SpecialKBrook - he has been receiving some treatment for a foot injury. Will update if any further news
Matchroom Sport can confirm that Kell Brook will be unable to fight Devon Alexander on May 18 due to an injury to his right foot.

Eddie Hearn said:

"Kell has recently developed right foot pain. Following specialist review and investigations over the last ten days he has been diagnosed with a stress fracture of his right fourth metatarsal and a further injury of his right navicular, both of which require on-going treatment including withdrawal from full training.

"As a result of these injuries and the time required to recover he has been advised that he will not be medically fit to fight on May 18.

"Obviously this is a huge blow and Kell is devastated but we have had to make the right decision for Kell Brook the fighter. We will speak with Golden Boy and hope to re-schedule the bout in the near future."
what pussy doesnt fight their hardest fight yet with a broken ankle?

in all seriousness, this fight is probably lost now, he should forget it for the forseeable. what did he pull out for first?
An ankle injury.
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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