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Brook possibly hiring Rob McKracken

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On the Scene:

So do you think he could take him to another level or is he all wrong for Brook. McCraken works with a lot of different styles being that he oversees the GB team and considering his success there I see no reason why he can't work well alongside Brook who is in desperate need of some extra help in the corner. People are going to jump on it because he works with Froch who is a completely different fighter but I don't see McCracken trying to make Brook a Froch 2.0 clone so any comparisons need to be thrown out.
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Brook considering switch to McCracken!..according to Galahad

Found this over at the scene, great news if true.

According to the rumors going around, welterweight contender Kell Brook is considering the possibility of hiring Carl Froch's trainer Rob McCracken. There are rumors that Brook is looking to make some changes after his recent scare against Carson Jones.

Rising prospect Kid Galahad, also trained by Brook's current coach, Dominic Ingle, has also heard these rumors. He doesn't see how a switch to McCracken will help Brook.

"Kell's relationship with Dominic is different to mine with him. I think it's all been one-fight deals so far. They are not as close as I am with Dom; I think with them its strictly business," Galahad told the Sheffield Star.

"My gut feeling is he will stay. The Ingles have always looked after him and got him into the position he is in now. When he left the Ingles a few years ago, he looked ordinary sometimes and then after he came back he looked a million dollars.

"I hope he thinks long and hard. Maybe last time he left it was a mistake and he wouldn't want to make a mistake twice. McCracken looks after Carl Froch and is involved with the Great Britain squad so how would he have time to look after Kell properly?
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Eddie Hearn just said on Twitter that he will answer a few questions.....So tweeted him about this and he didnt reply, but is answering lots of other stuff.

You think that means Kell is bound for the Kracken???
Same here, bastard didn't tweet me back.

I don't think it definitely means he's movign stables, but I have a feeling he will.
Aye I knw the cunt!.....I reckon he's not saying anything cos they haven't announced it as yet....Might be on Ringside himself tmorra???
I think you could be right Migs, If it's going to happen it has to happen ASAP.
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