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Who wins???

  • Brook KO/TKO

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Saldivia KO/TKO

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Brook PTS

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Saldivia PTS

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Brook vs Saldivia...Who wins? Likely method of victory?

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I think that Kell can get a mid to late rounds stoppage. Trying my best not to have any bias at all here lads.

If Kell has done the things he says, eating right, going the extra mile etc in every department, then we may well see something from Brook that we have yet to see from the lad.

Im quite exited to see how the new and improved Brook will fair.

How you see it lads?
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Same as you!! Brook knows what he did wrong in the prep for last time, and he knows what is around the corner for him if he wins this, particularly if he wins it well. He will have corrected the mistakes in the build up to the last fight, and will want to put on a show here. He has a shot at a world title fight, or a Hatton fight or a Khan fight if he makes this one count, and when the chips are down I have faith in him not mucking it up. He has a Froch-esque 'find a way to win' quality. I think his timing will be back, he'll pace himself properly, his accuracy will come up and he will force a late stoppage against a game but ultimately outclassed Saldivia.
How do I edit the poll?...Its only put 2 options on?
:lol: no idea, sorry, I just thought you were convinced that they are such bangers that those are the only options you'd need!
The polystyrene cup I just had my lunchtime coffee in > Khan's chin


The baked potato my wife just had for lunch's ring IQ > Khan's ring IQ


2013 Brook >>>>>>>> 2013 Khan
IBF and WBA champ @Miguel2010 @SimonTemplar

Danny Garcia>Carson Jones
Nathan Cleverly is currently a multi-defence alphabet champion, Alex Arthur was an alphabet champion, I could go on - it has been established on here umpteen times that a fighter can give an alphabet title some legitimacy, but it just doesn't work the other way round. Where did Khan win those? Wasn't it Dimitri 'Who?' Salita and Zab 'I was briefly quite good ten years ago, now I'm semi-shot' Judah? The fact that Khan held a couple of belts has no bearing on how he and Brook would play out, imho.


You not gonna wait to see how he fairs under new coach?
I see what you're saying, but I'm reminded of that Cool Hand Luke quote, from the Governor: 'What we have here is failure to communicate... some men you just can't teach.' I expect Khan to talk the right game, and come out and look good for a couple of rounds, maybe three, then revert to type and ignore his corner. He ignored Roach often enough, so Hill just gives him someone new to ignore.

Khan has already schooled Brook in sparring. That Ringside episode said it all. Khan is inside his head. #handofKhan
The amateurs, sparring and pro boxing are very different, and happen at different stages of a career. Just ask Audley!

Migs I love your loyalty but Khan schools Brook imo. Punches in bunches in a lesson mate.

Carson (who?) Jones isn't all that and took Brook life and death. Brook v Maidana is a fight I wanna see.
Maidana isn't all that and Khan went life and death with him. There were specific reasons, apparently, where Brook went wrong in camp against Jones, so we shouldn't write him off based on one fight, as fighters can struggle owing to fight-specific reasons without it being necessarily representative of their future prospects. If one-fight performances always indicate future performance, Khan has been sparked out cold twice, one by a no-name, was out on his feet against a nothing-special Maidana and was even dropped by Willie Limond. I put all of those in context, as I do with Brook's one flat performance (which was still a win, unlike two of Khan's), but the evidence is mounting that Khan struggles to learn lessons, while Brook has had the one choppy performance and we will find out tomorrow if it was a one-off. With Khan we already know.
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