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Who wins???

  • Brook KO/TKO

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Saldivia KO/TKO

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Brook PTS

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Saldivia PTS

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Brook vs Saldivia...Who wins? Likely method of victory?

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I think that Kell can get a mid to late rounds stoppage. Trying my best not to have any bias at all here lads.

If Kell has done the things he says, eating right, going the extra mile etc in every department, then we may well see something from Brook that we have yet to see from the lad.

Im quite exited to see how the new and improved Brook will fair.

How you see it lads?
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How do I edit the poll?...Its only put 2 options on?
Hope so Simon...We are both fans of Kell, so we are hoping for that outcome. I cant wait now, very exited!
hahaha!....Proper bangers!
What Khan beats Brook Lilo....

Im not even gonna go there....Poor troll attempt kidda!
Fuck knows how to change the poll boys...Yeah I'm a spacker!....

Poll was

Brook KO/TKO

Saldivia KO/TKO

Brook Points

Saldivia Points

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Wont make any odds IMO Noon. I just cant see it mate. No matter what after a few rounds he will revert to type, he doesn't listen..Thinks he can go to war.
Looks like we have a new holder of the "Properly Prepared" belt.
Wont be long till he properly prepares his Brasso to polish his IBF world title
Khan has already schooled Brook in sparring. That Ringside episode said it all. Khan is inside his head. #handofKhan
Khan cant spell schooled, never mind school anyone...Bet he cant even school Haroon.

Fucking Khan haha. Laughing stock cunt.
True, but Kell has alot to prove still . Why is Kell so insistent on getting into a Mandatory position with IBF, when he was highley ranked by wbo a few years back :think.

Why did he not set up a title fight previously?
Defo got a lot to prove no doubt.... Yeah, Ive wondered that myself with the WBO...Eddie Hearn is to the IBF what Warren is to the WBO....The main reason ive heard behind the mandatory is if Kell can get the world title then whoever they fight will have no options etc. I heard the fight with Bradley had options galore and I think they are looking to get big money fights and have their own say in the negotiations....Dont think he is ready for a Bradley at this stage....Think he will be if he improves his stamina issues though.
Don't hold your breath on that one. At least one more eliminator to go I reckon.
Nah, this is for shot at the IBF title....The words final eliminator should give you a clue.
His next one will be a final final eliminator;)
Haha...Ring walk music will be.....
Anyone know how to change the poll that I fucked up so bad???
@Brynemod an the lads
Shut it Brynemod!.....Wheres your fucking town cunt!! haha

If Brook was Welsh he would be the next coming of JC. Not Joe Calzaghe but Jesus Christ himself.

Haters gonna hate and you know this!
Added the other two options for you, wouldn't allow me to add a 5th for draw though.
Cheers mate, nice one :)

Cant see a draw anyway so its ok.
Brook mysteriously dropped down the ratings and lost his WBO Inter-Bollocks belt when he left Frank.

No way.
Do I detect sarcasm in your posting Mr Wallet!
Migs I love your loyalty but Khan schools Brook imo. Punches in bunches in a lesson mate.

Carson (who?) Jones isn't all that and took Brook life and death. Brook v Maidana is a fight I wanna see, it would tell us lots about Brook and also is a fight that suits Brook better.
No way Holmes bro, no way man!...We all know you dont need super power to have Khan on the rack...Flipside is Khans shots carry as much weight as a fart....Kell took some big shots off Jones, (who is pretty heavy handed not mega but good power) and didnt look like going over, proper fucked but didnt look like going down so he could take Khans puny Mcflurrys and time him to perfection, or even pull counter him all day an night...If he Cant KO him he will out point him very easily.

Hopefully we will get to see it soon, then you can all say soz Migs...You were right! ;)
Migs I love your loyalty but Khan schools Brook imo. Punches in bunches in a lesson mate.

Carson (who?) Jones isn't all that and took Brook life and death. Brook v Maidana is a fight I wanna see, it would tell us lots about Brook and also is a fight that suits Brook better.

Khans best win is Maidana? You agree?....Prescott aside, he hasnt fought another puncher except Maidana and won....

Cant anyone see the skills Brook has?...Yeah got flaws defo, but hes skilled man
Garcia was one obviously :lol:

Judah can hurt and so can McCloskey if he connects. I get what you're saying but Maidana fight told me enough to know he can take a blow. Garcia simply hit him clean the same as Prescott did and he was cold both times. Brook doesn't hit as hard as people believe imo, when was the last time he knocked somebody out properly?

I can see Brook has skills but they aren't world class skills imo. He hasn't got a good defense, he's not a power puncher and he hasn't got great stamina. He's in a division with fighters who are shit hot to be frank. I compare him to the champs and contenders and I simply think he's a level below. I think he's too far set in his ways to make enough changes to compensate too. He's been fighting fights which are meant to lead to something forever it seems and he's shown me little to suggest the hype is warranted.

I wish him all the best though,a woman beater aside, everyone deserves a chance.
I updated it mate and fucked up Im converting a dvd for someone and pc has went mental!....I said hasn't fought any puncher except Maidana and won.

Yeah Brooks not mega power, decent power, Khans chin doesnt need massive power IMO to be wobbled, its been shook now its very weak IMO. Brooks stamina seemed ok when he went 12 with the teak tough whats his face always forget his name....The African lad. Wonder if it really was the broken shnoz that hampered Kell vs Carson Jones?

Lot of questions need answering. Im looking forward to Sat night...Its also my Bday, so Im getting smashed!........

So is Hector Saldivia! ;)
I call bullshit on this. His next fight will not be for the IBF title :deal
Its for the number 1 spot, in IBF...I know what your saying like I kind of get the feeling the next fight wont be at the IBF title.....I fucking hope its vs Khan now...Just to put it to bed once an for all.

Probs wont happen until Ricky is in the mix if he comes thru Schechenko (spelling?)....Good little mix in the WW right now....Lots of tasty fights for us Brits anyway!
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