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Who wins???

  • Brook KO/TKO

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Saldivia KO/TKO

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Brook PTS

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Saldivia PTS

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Brook vs Saldivia...Who wins? Likely method of victory?

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I think that Kell can get a mid to late rounds stoppage. Trying my best not to have any bias at all here lads.

If Kell has done the things he says, eating right, going the extra mile etc in every department, then we may well see something from Brook that we have yet to see from the lad.

Im quite exited to see how the new and improved Brook will fair.

How you see it lads?
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We know Simon....We can see.....It wont be long till they all climb on board.

Tell you what Khan would be good at.....

If he gets too close though, he will get knocked out by one of the heads popping up.

And then there was light.
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61 - 61 of 61 Posts
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