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Bunce phone-in tonight from 7pm

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Anyone going to phone in? :think
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Im evidently banned unless i hand my address, shoe size and what colour Boxer shorts i wear before i get through to Sir Steve Bunce & Fish Eyes. But if someone wants to call then few questions would be.

Why are the two most avoided fighters in British Boxer Aka Cleverly & Burns connected to the same promoter, is it purely down to fact every fighter on the planet fears both fighters or....

What are the view of Sir Steve Bunce on fighters that get paid late or have not been paid and should promoters face stricter sanctions

Who does he think in his opinion is a better promoter in the UK

Finall, if Sky offer you a job will Sky be the new home of Boxing in your eyes
Must say reading Roe RBR on the call in has been 10 times more exciting/funny than actual phone-in, not even sure how that is possible. Has anyone heard one decent call bar Bunce talking to a script about the corrupt judges.
1 - 2 of 75 Posts
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